The purpose of Live Gesture to to provide artists, of all kinds, great model reference for their projects. Though we specialize in photography, we are striving to make videos, 3D files, and other references available.

These images may be used as stock photo for commercial use with a non-exclusive license. Please contact us for exclusive licensing.



Live Gesture is always interested in new models. If you are interested in applying to be a model, please contact us either at models@livegesture.com or by filling in the form here. Please follow the instructions below for submitting your modeling application.

We are interested in models of all ages, sizes, ethnicity, gender, and figure type.

Live Gesture is for anatomical reference for artists, and, as such, some of the poses may contain nudity in adult models. Many illustrators, modelers, animators, sculptors, painters, and others use nude or partially-clothed models as a foundation for artwork and for final works of art. Artists may use the images to detail how a hip, leg, or arm bends, how a head swivels, and the shape that a foot or hand takes while bent into a certain pose. If you are offended by any type of nudity or are underage, please go elsewhere on the internet – we recommend khanacademy.org – or do not view our collections that contain nudity.

None of the images, footage, or files contained on Live Gesture is of a sexual or prurient nature, only reference for artists.


Many of our models have never modeled before but are able to pose well and provide great reference. For Live Gesture it is important to be able to hold a pose. There are many great traditional poses that we use and like to try new ones as well. The human figure can take on an wide range of movement.

For models that wear clothing, we recommend wearing form-fitting items to better see their figure – being the whole point of Live Gesture figure modeling. Sports wear, yoga pants, swimwear, form-fitting tops, shorts and undergarments are the most beneficial.

Model Restrictions

Models must be able to hold a pose for a few minutes without moving. If you are unable to hold quite still for around 3 minutes at a time, we do not recommend being a Live Gesture model. We realize some poses are more difficult than others and some resting and/or stretching between may be necessary. Many young children do not make good live gesture models, as they get bored and want to wander off. Some children, especially older than 8 can concentrate for longer periods of time, and would be more ideal. If your child is interested in modeling, though, please let us know.

Models under the age of 18 are required to pose with appropriate clothing or covering, in the case of costumes. Submissions of child nudity will be reported to the authorities.

Models over the age of 18 will be requested to model, at least part time, partially clothed or nude. While it is not mandatory, artists prefer nude references for clarity and simplicity, and it will likely result in a higher demand for your pose series.

Live Gesture does not recommend tattoos & piercings, however they are allowed. The purpose of Live Gesture is anatomical reference – tattoos and piercings can be very distracting to artists trying to see how a body part is posed. Some artists may want tattoos on their models for specific projects – we strongly suggest not having tattoos with an identifying nature, such as your name or other contact information.

While certain body modifications are allowed, open sores and wounds are forbidden.

PLEASE DO NOT get tattoos, piercings, or body modifications for Live Gesture, we do not condone any model modifying their body for the express purpose of being a Live Gesture model.

Live Gesture is a professional website for professional and amateur artists. We reserve the right to ban, block, or report those who do not follow our Model Restrictions or anyone trying to grief or stalk our models or the website.  

Model Application

Please read the previous section for Model Restrictions. Click on the Model Application link below, fill out the form and provide at least one front and one side view photo of yourself. Multiple photos are appreciated, especially in different poses or dress. You can send additional photos via email. PLEASE USE GOOD LIGHTING! Dark pictures in a dark room do no one any good. Chiaroscuro images (photos with a strong light on one side of the body) are acceptable if the dark side has adequate reflective light.

Some form of federally- or state-recognized identification will be required, either from the model or from a guardian, if a model ends up posing for Live Gesture. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of Live Gesture, unless illegal in nature. All information is confidential.


For their safety, all models must use a pseudonym for their photo collection. Biographical information of each model may be available but will be generic. No direct contact information will available between the model and the public.

Safety is our top priority for any models who pose for Live Gesture. Our modeling studios are secure. Changing rooms are private and secure. All information provided will be held in the strictest confidentiality.

Talent Agencies

Registered talent agencies and casting directors may contact Live Gesture at talent@livegesture.com  for additional information about a specific model. We will contact the respective model and they (or their guardian) will decide if they wish to pursue any modeling or acting.

Pose Request

We are interested in specific pose requests. If we do not have a pose that you may require, please contact Live Gesture using the Pose Request link below.



Camera & Lighting Setups

Lighting & Camera Layout

Measurements are approximates and listed in metric & imperial. Center and/or focal points depend on the individual pose & platform rotation.

Camera Lens

18-105mm f/3.5-5.6


Key Lights: 5,600K LED 14" 0.36m LED Lights
Hair Light: 5,600K LED 9"  0.23m LED Light

Flat Lighting

Live Gesture generally uses flat lighting, via two key lights (equidistant) to light our models – except for chiaroscuro poses. This flat lighting may make the models appear dull. We light the models so that the pose can be well seen from all angles and allows for animators to paint onto 3D models more easily than if strong, dynamic lighting was used.

See the chiaroscuro poses for more dynamic lighting which also makes for great negative space drawing as well.